Nova Memory + DAC or top class CD player?

Hi all,

I am searching for a new CD player. Searching and listening to several products I've made a small selection of CD players where I will choose from.

I do however see more and more about music servers, also on this forum. I really would love the flexibility to be able to play the songs I like, making playlists and listening to my favorite music without needing to switch CD's. I often buy CD's but usually there are only a couple of songs I like a lot and the others are ok so a playlist would be ideal.

I however am not prepared to make any sacrifices with respect to sound quality.
I do am very interested in the Nova Memory player but as some have already mentioned, their website is very unclear. And I'm not sure about the reliability, sound quality etc etc. For me I would like to use it as transport together with eg. the new Emm Labs DAC2.

In your opinion, would a combo like that be able to match with the top CD players like the DCS Puccini or Spectral 4000 for instance?

Your feedback is appreciated.
Nova has recently revamped their website. I have heard several generations in my own system. AWESOME. Aas, out of my price range.

They are available as a complete player and preamp

Have alisten to the dcs/spectral.They are million miles ahead of any harddisc based system
I have been using a Memory Player for the last two years. About six months ago the Build 7 upgrade was implemented which takes the performance to an even higher level. I have yet to find a mechanical transport that will outperform the MP.
Read what and
have to say.
Mark Porzilli, the designer, uses techniques that are unique in a high-end consumer product.
First, he has implemented RUR, Read-Until-Right, a technique that the pros use for certain applications. RUR re-reads the CD many times until it gets the data contained on the CD right. Second, the Error Correction Code is eliminated because Mark believes the Reed- Solomon ECC corrupts the audio related digital data. Third, the playback takes place from a solid-state or "flash" memory.
And that is what he is willing to reveal about the design of the MP. My guess would be that there are a few other tricks of his that he will not discuss in order to maintain his competitive edge. Since the MP is his invention, why reveal everything.
The MP is a very special product unlike anything - mechanical transport or CD player - that is out there today. All Music Servers provide access and selection features that outdo the MP in the area of ease of use, but none, to my knowlege, are likely to approach the MP sonically.

Not sure where you are located, but if you are in or around the DC area the Nova Physics Memory Player is going to be demonstrated at the DC Audiophile Club meeting.
And if you live in the NJ/NYC/CT area, you can give me a call and I can let you hear the Memory Player through the EMM Labs and Audio Logic DACs and compare it to the EMM Labs CDSD/DAC2 combination in my system. Agree with Eclectic ear, the MP has outperformed both the Forsell and EMM Labs transports in my system and makes even the best one-box units I've heard sound like they're missing that last bit of realism.