Notable Liner Notes...?

Liner notes, scribblings, doodles, and the like have always interested me...and many of us...if we are able to read them, that is...the current print is so small that one might need a handheld magnifying glass to learn the meaning. One of my recent favourites:

Enya..."A Day Without Rain" she says...

"Recorded in the Digital Domaine with an Analogue Brain"

Great! Got Any?
This is not technically a liner note, since this is actually printed on the backside of the album jacket. The only LP to have instructions (to the best of my knowledge) is David Bowie's "Ziggy Stardust". It reads "TO BE PLAYED AT MAXIMUM VOLUME". Happy Tunes!
These are almost an art form in themselves.
My favs include
Bob Dylan The Bootleg Series-the late great John Bauldie essential booklet on Dylans 1991 triple CD of unreleased tracks...
Bob Dylan-World Gone Wrong-Dylan's own surreal take on the modern world and the origins of his second album of traditional songs in the 90's.
Steely Dan-their complete remastered catalogue-just about zilch on music but another insight into the world of Becker and Fagen-funny,sardonic,mad.
The Waterboys-Too Close To Heaven-honest insight by Mike Scott on his outtakes from 86 onwards-personally these made me both nostalgic and sad as they are a testament to how Scott lost the plot(musically)around this time.
There's loads others,The Who's recent remasters have decent notes and the booklets with the 6 CD Anthology Of American Folk Music (Harry Smith)are superb..
Procol Harum's first had the memorable "to be played in the spirit in which this was recorded"

April Wine printed "Play Loud" in the center of one their LP's. Can't for the life of me remember what the title of the LP is though. It'll come to me