Not loving my cambridge 740C

I'm using the 740C with a Darkvoice 3322 headphone amp and I'm finding the combo to be a bit too bright. I find it a bit fatiguing and generally unsatisfying.

Is it just me? I enjoy headphones but it needs to feel musical and spacial. This system is very clean and quite but does not bring the joy.

Any tips or ideas?

Thanks for reading
How many hours do you have on the amp, cd, and headphones? They could need to break in. The other issue could be your cabling. Interconnects, headphone cord and powecords. One of my friends has an 840c and at first it sounded very dry and analytical but after about a month of continuous play back it totally changed. It is now very magical. All the detail but also warm smooth, sweet and now it seems to have more dynamics with lots of slam. It took a very long time break in.
Not familiar with the other pieces but don't give up on the Cambridge. I doubt it is the problem as you describe it.
Interconnects are critical...I bought an 840C and found it blah and unexciting until I changed interconnects. Suddenly it became a keeper.
I run my 840c with Mogami balanced. Not expensive, maybe even 'budget', but I won't go back.....
I think it is the 'Gold' microphone 6 foot.