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Von Schweikert VR-33
I have VR-33s. I have them 9" from the wall, which is a very nice thing indeed. In truth, I wouldn't have bought them if they had to be placed out away from the room, there just isn't space in my modest house.Sonically, I like them very much and h... 
New Von Schweikert VR 33?
Yes, 90 days...but you are on the hook for shipping which ain't cheap at over 100 lbs apiece.I talked to Albert Von Schweikert and he said only one pair has been returned so far, and they were unopened, guy got a divorce and couldn't keep them.I h... 
Worst record ever?
I like Dread Zeppelin. Hilarious, and not badly done either. 
Up and coming band: Davina and the Vagabonds
Blkadr I also just checked out Ingrid Lucia and the Flying Neutrinos, definitely can see the similarity. Not quite as horn driven, but good stuff. 
Up and coming band: Davina and the Vagabonds
Last few days I've been listening to the new CD ("Black Cloud") I picked up at the release party, it is quite good. Well recorded too. I think it will do well. 
Not loving my cambridge 740C
Interconnects are critical...I bought an 840C and found it blah and unexciting until I changed interconnects. Suddenly it became a keeper. 
The Bad Plus - where to start?
I have been listening to "Vistas" this is very good! I think I'll have to check out some of their other albums as well.Who'd a thunk this is where my exploration of Frank Zappa would lead?Thanks for the recommendations guys. 
Which songs/albums take you back to college?
Anything from Supertramp "Breakfast in America", "My Sharona", The Cars, Tom Petty "Damn the Torpedoes"...all transport me back to freshman year '79/80. 
Audio Plus Oval 9 Ordinary/Shotgun/Bi-Wire?
I like the Oval Nine a lot, but have no experience with your speakers, nor have I tried biwiring. I think it meets your desired attributes pretty well, though it is not a hyper-detailed cable like some. It has a big, ambient soundstage, excellent ... 
My "Most Under-Appreciated Album": Cheri Knight
"I love finding new music on Agon Thanks guys!"Yep, that's the idea! 
My "Most Under-Appreciated Album": Cheri Knight
Marty, I think "The Knitter" actually preceded "The Northeast Kingdom". It rocks out a bit more (and is less eclectic). It is pretty good IMO, but not an outstanding album like "The Northeast Kingdom"... 
The Bad Plus - where to start?
Thanks guys, I'll check 'em out. 
David Brubeck Take:50 Montreal Jazz Fest
David you are so right, I saw him a few years ago...his feet move pretty slow now but his hands seem ageless. 
Bel Canto left channel cutting out with distortion
"I've always had a soft spot for this piece. As a dealer I've had opportunity for a lot of different pieces to listen to in my system, but I always felt this one was special and that's why it was a stable piece in my system for quite a while(espec... 
Bel Canto left channel cutting out with distortion
I have been using XLRs with my eVo2i II for the last 6 months and have had no problems, hope it doesn't do that.On the bright side I live 12 miles from Bel Canto...