Not enough RCA Inputs

I am considering a new integrated tube amp. Either a Jolida 202A or Antique Sound Lab MGSI 15 DT but the concern is that the Jolida only has 4 inputs which might be just enough the ASL only 3 which is one too few. Is there a reliable 'splitter' or 'switcher' that could be used to direct more two seperate components into one auxillary RCA input? It's worth noting that these wouldn't be high end audio components that I am looking to put on this RCA input maybe a tape and VCR. Thanks for reading and any comments you may have.
RadioShack sells a 4-to-1 video/audio switcher that you can use to switch among 4 different inputs. Around $30 I think.
Just plug the output into one of your int. amp inputs.
Are you including the "Tape-In" in your counting? This is just another line level input; it does not have to be used for the tape deck.
I would not recommend the radioshack--even for "non" high end inputs. You are getting a very good quality pre-amp and I would recommend a Niles switcher. I think they retail for about $50. I happen to have one--it has 5 inputs that are selectable by turning a knob. I'm not using it--if you're interested I'll sell it cheap, just send me an e-mail. If you want to buy one new they are available through a variety of sources, but I think J&R generally discounts them a few bucks.