Krell KPS20i to current RBCDP, Enough difference?

Hi to everybody here, my first post after a couple of yrs of reading others! I am now looking to improve on my Krell KPS 20i, with a newer machine. I have enjoyed the Krell for 5 years now, though the machine itself is from 96 ish.. The amps have moved on in that time to Audio Research Reference3 and Tom Evans Linear B's, driving ML Spires. I am mainly keen to hear of possible improvements i might hear before getting into home dems, ive got the possibility of a couple of options from Arc, MBL. Any thoughts would be welcome.
Both ARC CD-8 and MBL1531 will bring you a HUGE improvement over KPS-20i. Resolution, purity of tone, soundstaging, texture - you name it. The only area where KPS-20i is still hard to beat IMO is the bass slam.

I have CD-8 and dCS Puccini in my system, had owned MBL1531 in the past, and just sold my old KPS-20i which I kept for backup purposes, 2 weeks ago. So this is a first hand info.

IMO the CDP to consider here is ARC CD-8.
Elberoth2, I was hoping you might chip in here, as i was aware that you had the 1531 from your postings, i would have sent a pm soon, so many thanks for the info. How would you say the cd8 and 1531 differ in terms of sheer 'musicality' and getting to the real heart and soul of a performance? My other concern over the cd8 was the possibility of too many valves in the chain, as the ref3 has 6, my power amps have 8 per channel.. I listen to a variety of music but most of it is in one way or another including acoustic guitar..
The other point is the actual quietness of the transport itself, i find the kps to be a little noisy now, any thoughts on this aspect?
Many thanks for your time here.
That is true - KPS-20i i a bit noisy. CD-8, MBL 1531 on the othe hand (both build around CD-Pro2LF module, are dead quiet.

CD-8 and 1531 are not in the same league (sound wise) IMO. CD-7 was already better sounding than 1531 (I switched from 1531 to CD-7) and CD-8 is even better.

IMO the CD-8 is the most musical player under $15k.
Well, I have arranged a loan MBL1531, which ill start with, and can bring a CD 8 into the system at any time, did you (Elberoth2) find any preference with IC'c and PC's?
Unfortunately the Arc gear is now close to 1:1 with the dollar here in the uk..