NOS Tubes: Store 'em or use 'em

Whadda ya think?

Here's what I was thinking about; eventually all the classic NOS tubes or even used old tubes are going to be gone. Sure, there's lots of 'em out there but, reality is, the NOS are becoming more and more rare by the day. Let's say I have a NOS pair of Sylvanis 6SN7W metal base tubes. If I start using them today, they might last, under normal use, what...five years? What will be the state of affairs then?? Will I ever be able to replace them? Will I have to pay significantly more than I did today?

Should I just use them sparingly on "special occasions?" Should I say, hell with it, I might die tomorrow - enjoy them while I can and deal with it in five years?

What's the concensus here?
I use my NOS tubes. Why save them and use something inferior? Tomorrow, I might get hit by a bus.
Plug them in so you can enjoy your music to the maximum.

Invest in spares NOW, so when these die you wont' be frustrated. Later on, should you decide you don't want them, say two to five years from now, they will be worth more than you paid. What else in audio can you purchase and value goes up instead of down, even if you don't want them :^)

I currently have about 200 NOS tubes that I'm not using. If I need any popular type, good quality ones are on hand. Some of these were bought in 1998 for (literally) $6.00 each and are now worth $100.00 +.
Tvad's right...are you living forever? Let's enjoy the music :)
I have found a few tubes that I really like. Assuming that I never change my current components, my estimate would be my current small stock of tubes will wear out at about my 110th birthday. I have marked my calender that on that day I am going totally solid state.
Use them! Anyone of us could be dead and buried in three days. Why buy and not get the enjoyment that urged you to spend your hard earned money on in the first place?.....
Everyone's wrong here. Just send the NOS 6sn7's to 5045 Charles Place. Plano, TX.

This is the "official" address to send NOS 6922's and 6sn7's.

You shouldn't keep these around your house...
Jfrech, are you sure you want NOS tubes? If you live in Plano, TX you should want Plano tubes.
When I change components I always keep my stash of NOS tubes even if they don't use those particular tubes. You never know when you may return to a component that uses those tubes, and the price is always going up, keep them! On the other hand, you might sell them if you're feeling generous :-)
NOS tubes, you guys are so 20th century, the real vanguard of the ultra high end extreme underground is NOS solid state chips. People are rummaging through yard sales and pawn shops and taking apart 60s and 70s era amp/receivers looking for vintage silicon chips. Something about that sharp, edgy sound bringing back the magic of Grand Funk on the Panasonic combo receiver/turntable. I'm so glad I keep my Nehrus!
Correct Onhwy61, the only thing better than NOS solid state chips would be FOS CC. (Fresh On Site Cow Chips).