Nordost new power leads v2

HIFI+, the British magazine reviews the new Nordost power cables in issue 28: Shiva, Vishnu and Valhalla .

Review is enthusiastic on the enhancements those cables bring to a system, in particular the Valhalla.

Has anyone heard them and could provide his comments?

I was planning to invest into a Hydra8 but i guess i will have to wait some more time to reach the electrical Gods' kingdom.
I was at the CES in Las Vegas this year and heard all three power cords demonstrated in the Nordost room and was very impressed. I thought the most bang for the buck was the Vishnu but all three power cords were impressive. Only one power cord was replaced in the system and in each case there was a substantial difference in the sound quality.
Yup. I have both Shiva and Vishnu. Shiva's a little bit thin; Vishnu is, as Linkster wrote in another thread, "turbocharged." In fact, these are better than I thought, something I didn't realize until I'd had another cord on my preamp for a few days, and discovered the Vishnu sounded better. God only knows what the Valhalla power cord does! And this from a Shunyata owner!
Agreed on Shiva as it is thin. Vishnu is better but Valhalla is totally different level. I really enjoy the Valhalla direct from the wall, most impressed on the digital frontend. Prefer it a lot than Shunyata Anaconda Alpha.
what do you hear as the most significant improvement going from Vishnu to Valhalla?
You know, I had a thought: Shiva would be fine for a warm, romantic component that needed some speed, but not for components that are lean, mean, fighting machines already. In such an instance, it seems to "lighten" the presentation. Besides all this, the Vishnu has much more airiness, "aliveness" and nuance than the Shiva, which, to my ears, has very little of those particular traits.

Shiva is Paris Hilton: Vishnu is Diana Rigg.
"Shiva is Paris Hilton: Vishnu is Diana Rigg."

that is excellent!! i completely see where you're coming from...

in the hifi+ article it suggested that if you feed, for instance a distribution block with the vishnu, and then from the block you use the shivas, you retain most of the benefit from the vishnu. has anyone tried this? seems like a very economical way of improving system performance if it works!
My dealer brought a Vishnu round to connect up a TriVista 21 dac, for audition with Krell Kav-300 & Arcam Alpha 9 cdps.The result was, I bought the cable and returned the dac. Using an unfiltered Kimber powerblock, I have replaced Kimber HC powerkords to the block, the Kav-300 & KRC-3 with Vishnus, with remarkable gains in speed, dynamics and transparency. Complex orchestrals cohere better in contrapuntal pasages, etc. Do try these cables!