Any leads on a particular cable

Hi everybody -
I've got a slight obsession problem going here. Every IC in my system is a PS Audio Xstream Statement (of which I'm very fond) except for the 2 x 3 meter unbalanced runs from my preamp to my monoblocks. I've waited for a loooong time for a pair of these to come up for sale and so far no luck. If anyone has a pair or knows of a pair for sale I'd be most grateful if you could drop me a quick line at the Agon site. (I have a pair of xstream plus 3m ics for a partial value trade if that's of interest) Thanks very much.
Place a "Wanted" ad. You'd be surprised at how many members look at these. You'll have to be flexible on the length.
Thanks, Low -
I'll be sure to do that - I thought I might have some luck going this route first. I really wish I could manage to get by with a 2 meter run, but based on my room and required positioning of some other things, I just can't get any good imaging with 2 x 2 meter runs. Best regards, and thanks again.