NORDOST Internal Biwire or Shotgun, Which way ?

I'm going to replace my current speaker cables with Nordost Red Dawn or Blue Heaven cables.
I have Red Dawn IC's throughout.
I would like to know what what type of biwire configurations that have been tried with the Nordost cables mentioned above.
I could purchase 2 sets of mono cables and shotgun biwire or 1 set internally biwired.
This also opens up the question of buying a longer mono pair and have them cut and reterminated profesionally.
I checked the arcives, nothing found.
I know that cables are system dependent, but would like to know your experiences with the Nordost speaker cables.
Any help in this matter would be appreciated.
Thanks, Rick.
Phew. I started with Blue Heaven, and for a long time was satisfied with Red Dawn, until my modded CDP offered more top octave, unfortunately accentuating the Red Dawn's tendency to "click" on transient edges. Made bongos and ALL guitar strings sound metallic. The Blue Heaven simply smoothed it all over, of course, with less resolution. Yet it IS a cheap solution to Red Dawn's crackliness. Recently I managed to get a great deal on SPM cables, and for only +$200 I was anble to upgrade, and noticed a remarkable improvement. FAR cleaner and better-shaped transient edges with BODY trailing behind them, instead of a hollowness. All sense of leanness disappeared too, so that more older recordings are listenable. I then followed through with used SPM XLRs, and the upgrade is now complete. Would I be able to say all these things if I was using an NAD C541i et al for a front end? Probably not...the Blue Heaven would suffice at that rez level. But with the EMC-1 UP the SPMs were certainly warranted. I tell this tale to see if it strikes a chord. There IS something a bit weird about how Red Dawn does transients if your system is resolving enough.
I found Discovery Essence to be a more forgivable (warmer), yet resolving cableset, but again, SPM turned the lights back on the stage without cracking the window I look through. Good luck with the geometry experiments, and use trust your ears....