Review: clear day shotgun w/bananas Speaker cable

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after reading some(great) audiogon reviews of the clear day silver cables i decided to give them a try,i already have taralab's VECTOR 1 bi-wired to my magnepans 3.6. I could not belive how inexpensive the cables are so i was not expecting much...Boy was i surprised these wires sounded awsome right out of the box, even though i was told 150-200 hours to breakin. I left the taralabs hooked up to low and clear day to the high on back of the 3.6 crossover box,and added clear day jumpers from the crossover to the speaker,the ribbon tweeter was singing.oh buy the way did i mention how nice the people who own clear day are....i've ordered some RCA's and wait to try them out

Associated gear
i have magnepans 3.6,sunfire 600 signature,audio research ls17,rega p3 turntable with hadcox silver tonearm

Similar products
taralabs vector 1,audioquest gibralter,and cardas jumpers
Thanks for putting out this review! I ordered a set of double shotguns and they should be coming in next week. I've got a pair of 1.7's and hope they are a good match. I didn't know Clear Day sold jumpers. Did the jumpers add any harshness to the top end? How do they compare against the good old cardas jumpers?
sorry i've been away...the jumpers are much clearer than the cardas do your 1.7 sound?? did u bi-wire them?? that seems to really open up magnapans, i have a pair of 1.6 too(it took a long time to break-in)