Norah Jones LP from arrived

The vinyl bug has bit me here as of late, so I thought I'd grab Norah's work "Come away with me" on LP as a comparison to the CD that I know so well. Wow. Long live vinyl!

I wish I woulda rediscovered vinyl sooner, this is so *musical*.

I also snagged Allison Kraus' "New Favorite" too. Not quite as dramatic (someone told me its mastered from DSD, not analog tape?) but very nice as well. Glad to have redbook and vinyl both, it's a whole new world, and I'm excited to dive into it.
I'll always love vinyl. I'm glad the Norah Jones is sounding so good. My neices' husband and I were having a brew and listening to tunes when the rolling stones "40 licks" came up in conversation. I immedialely pulled all my stones on vinyl[very little play to once played] and plunked one on the Roxan.....record followed record....when he left he was shaking his head....."the vinyl is so smooth and quiet," he said. "It still offers something." I thought his comments said it all for me. And I do enjoy cd also....happy listening
I received the Norah vinyl yesterday is WONDERFUL!!!
i just love Norah!!
Did you all see Norah onAustin City Limits? She was wonderful, even listening to a tv broadcast.
Also a Norah Jones fan. If you don't have a copy of her CD "Don't know why" GET IT! It is an import from england. Only 3 songs on it but it is mastered much better than "Come away with me". The version of Lone Star on it will drop your jaw!
Thanks for the steer -- I will endeavor to find that for sure...

...any chance they let Lee Alexander's bass come thru a bit more on that recording??

Norah + a more "Holly Cole-esque" (at least from the upright bass perspective) mix would be quite divine!