Better than Norah Jones...?

Ok here is a recommendation,an album I meant to buy for the girlfriend for a while (since 2002!) but just got round to this week.
To my ears,lighter but more substantial overall than Ms Jones mega succesful CD.
Light,Latin a bit jazzy mostly in Brazilian but very accessable and contemporary sounding without being over done.......
Audiogon,get to hear,take a chance and buy the lovely female vocals of..........
Bebel Gilberto-Tanto Tempo. (East West 0927-47407)
Rave reviews from Mojo,Blues& Soul,The Independent and The London Evening Standard,Q Magazine and a drunken Glaswegian.
Very much a summer record and whisper it better recorded than Norah Jones imho.
Yep Bebel is great, but try on Eden Atwood - Basa Nova for size! Can't listen to Norah anymore since I overplayed her, but I haven't gotten tired of her Live Dvd performance!
Also check out ORNA The Very Though of You (A440 musicgroup). She has a much sweeter tone than the current jazz singers, and she is accompanied by some notable musicians including Brian Bromberg who also produced the CD. Brian Bromberg has a good ear, and the CD is a decent recording.
Oh yeah! Try Fiona Apple - she seems to be even better than Suzanne Vega in her young days. I think Nora Jones is COMPLETELY overrated - interesting that she herself has the same opinion, isn't it?!
Find a copy of "Peggy Lee Sings The Blues".
How very lucky you must be to hear Eva Cassidy for the very first time. Songbird, Live at Blues Alley, Imagine
Ooops only meant that as a recommendation not opinions on what is better than Norah Jones-doh.
But er good idea anyway.
I think Norah Jones is ok but...............
Yes, Eva Cassidy's "Live at Blues Alley" will blow you away. But, for someone more closely comparable to (and better than) Norah Jones, give Lizz Wright a listen.
Yep I like Bebel, too bad about that first cut on the disc...along those lines give a listen to early Brasil66, Lani Hall's voice is what Sade's has always wanted to be. Not to slag Sade 'cause I think she blows norah outta the water. not very impressed with norah, could be after some maturing she'll deliver
Ben I have just the CD for you. Check out Gabriela Anders CD “ Wanting” she has a fantastic voice, very smooth and a pure joy to listen to. She is Brazilian but all songs except one are in English. The CD is also recorded very well. Since it has been out a while you can pick it up on pretty cheap. She also has a new CD out which has already been released in Spain and should be released here in June or July.
Has anyone heard Jenna Maminna? She has two cd's available which can be purchased on line. There are great similarities between her and Nora Jones.
I, myself, prefer Jenna.
I 2nd Lizz Wright. I don't know if the whole cd is better than Norah's, But it has its moments.
I didn't care for the Norah Jones, but the girlfriend might like Karrin Allyson on ''Ballads'', where she performs all of the songs on Coltrane's classic, but with vocals, and a wonderful combo. She also adds a version of Naima that is stunning.