Nola Mini, Anyone with opinions on them?

Looking to find more about the Minis. Has anyone heard or used them? I'm hoping to get more information than what I've read off the Stereophile article. If anyone also knows about the Dali Ikon 2 that would be great also.
First off NOLA not making the Mini anymore and apparently no dealers in the United States have them for sale. I even gone so far to email NOLA and ask if there anybody had them and the only dealer that they knew who still had them was in Greece. Other than that, they seem to be highly regarded especially for their price/performance. Wouldn't mind finding a pair for myself.
Hi Cleaneduphippy,
Great sign-on by the way! Yeah, I pretty much found out about that from other posts on the net, and when I visited the nola site. Greece you say? Hmm, unfortunately no plans to go there anytime soon. If you do (or if you come across 2 pairs) be sure to let me know! Hang loose man.