No sound from cdp.

I have a Marantz cd5001. I was just listening to a cd, took it out and put another one in. No sound. It spins, I can hear it, it's read, but no sound. I've tried this with several cd's with no sound. Any advice? I'm not in the financial position to buy a new cdp right now so I'd like to see if this one is repairable, before I launch it out my window.
What kind of connector do you used? Coaxial or Optical for the audio output? If it's either one of those and you put in a SACD labeled CD's then you will get absolutely no sound, because SACD used only analog outputs, get a pair of RCA cables and run it out to your Pre/Pro and you'll get sound from any CD's.
All the cd's I was attempting to play have been played before, several times. It was very odd. Listen to a cd, take it out, put another in and no sound. Eventually I turned all my equipment off, Pre, amp, dac and cd, turned everything back on, and voila, sound.
check interconnects connected tight first, than if you have a headphone jack try to see if you get any sound from there.
you can also try to get a cheap DAC to see if your digital out is functioning.
Try unplugging it for about 15 minutes then plug it back in again.
This happened to me when I had a preamp that was very sensitive to static charges. It would mute itself and require a reboot before all was well again. If your room humidity is low, I'd suggest a room humidifier.

Interesting you mention static. When I took the cd out I was listening to, I "shocked" myself on my cd player from typical static after walking across the room. Perhaps that did it. The pre was fine, at least the tuner and my dac from the computer still worked, maybe it tripped something in the cdp.
It does sound like a static issue. When I was having this kind of problem with my former preamp and the humidity was low I could touch anything made of metal in my system and turn off the sound.

One temporary fix is to take a sheet of aluminum foil roughly 6 x 12", fold it over, put the CD you're about to play in the folded foil, and stroke it a couple times (I know, sounds like voodoo). This will tend to eliminate a static charge from the CD.