No Name Tube Amp & Turntable DIY?

I've been into electronics all my life (i'm 57).
Very well built. Does anyone have any idea if these are home built or kits?
Thanks for any help!!
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I don't know if my picture link posted:


If nothing else it looks like it has a  significant electrolytic capacitor bank.  The underside appears to be complex  has a potential mix of newer and older elements. That said-

 Given the complete lack of badging and the potential mix of the components I would go with a prototype or a very advanced DIY,  It looks a bit too sophisticated to be a kit.  There is more guessing in my statement then I usually  care to make and would welcome being corrected. e.g. It's  a Bottle head piece.

Looks homemade and very well built with some serious caps and transformers. I would guess home built but not from a kit. Can't comment on the TT.
Mechans, jond, I agree, The person that had it (passed) was a ham operator. 
That explains a lot as he used white ceramic sockets & paid attention to detail. Thanks you for your comments!
Amp plays fine, I used a Denon receiver preamp out to drive it.
I noticed it has a 6FG6 tube at each end for power level which I think is really cool!
I unscrewed a top off of the left black square piece & it has a transformer (see pictures).
Other tubes are 8BQ5's & 12AX7's.