NHT goes...dark :-

NHT is closing it's doors. Here is the story:

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It's a shame, but going "underground" is the only alternative for a lot of companies.
Yes it is a shame. I still have the pair of super zeros that got me sold on the value and sound quality of NHT speakers. I also bought a pair of 1.5i then slowly traded my way up to 1.2s then 2.5i then 2.9 and recently a mint pair of 3.3's. I really like the 3.3's enough that I have a complete set of nos replacement drivers for both and bought what I was told the last pair of the foam diffusers they applied to the front baffle. Although it won,t affect me for a long long time and I have always purchased the made in America models it is a shame. They always offered great value and sound compaired to some of the much higher priced competition. I have a feeling in this economy and the climate the industry is facing they sadly won't be the only ones to dissappear. Cheers.
Hopefully, they will be back. They really need to stick to speakers...probably under $1000 speakers...when they return.

Too bad they couldn't have just one more release of the software for the processor to add HDMI 1.3 and the lossless codecs.

I have NHT's all around...including in the closet. 2.9's, AC-2 and L5's for my HDTV system and some 2.5i's just standing bye.
It's evident by the press release that NHT will retool and be back with a different business model.

They make (made) terrific speakers. My modest home theater, and my home office, is comprised of NHT SuperOnes, SuperZeros, and NHT subwoofer.
From my conversations with a few dealers,they are re-working theur designs and will return.Warranty issues are still being serviced.They "will be back!"
Great time to pick-up some deals.In-stock items only,as the factory has no stock to liquidate.