Power amplifier for NHT 2.5i speakers?

I want to upgrade from a Parasound HCA-1000A power amp for a pair of NHT 2.5i speakers.
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I used to own NHT 2.5i's and found the Plinius SA100MKIII amp with a Audio Research LS16 (tube) preamp was a nice match. It softened the brightness of the NHT's without diminishing the detail that these speakers are exceptional at retrieving.
you might want to try something different that will greatly improve the nhts for little to nothing. try using some 30 gauge magnet wire (only if you have 8 ft or less runs) on your parasound for speaker wire and the jumper. i did this with my hafler amps and it really made a plus in the mids. it got rid of a lot of the pinched sound from the mids and highs. it can be found at radio shack for 3$ now for amps i have used haflers (single and biamped); anthem amp1s (single and verticle biamped); also with rogue 120 monos. tubes did a lot for the sound....w/o using magnet wire. the anthems were fine at low level (only 40 watts) the rogues rocked them. do not know what you want from them ht or 2 channel?? i'd go ss if you are using as ht; 2 channel is tubes all the way. i used them for 2 channel audio and finally upgraded as they became the weak link. fwiw.
How much to spend???..alway's a factor.
My suggestion on those speakers is to "biamp"! They are set up well for that I belive...at least the 3.3's and 2.9's were. You'll get much much much stronger, more dynamic transparency, slam, control, and more believable pressentation, from an otherwise, lower sensitivity, dynamically a bit shy sounding speaker! I suggest something like the Parasound on the bottom(parasounds usually have very good bass for cheap),then do somehting better on top (also the Parasound has volume control for matching up the amps!!!). An upgrade for there on top is, yes, Plinius, Threshold T series, Classe is an improvement(but not as huge), B&k's are about the same league as Classe(but not super on top), Sim's are good/better, actually the list goes on and on. You could try tubes on top, but don't know if you want to get that tricky...probably sound great though with a solid state on the bottom posts, driving bass, yes.
Anyway, these are descent enough speakers on their own. they're a bit bass boomy, and can do with some really good speaker placement chores(as all speakers).Also, you can get an EQ on the woofer in a biamping situation, leaving the midrange/tweeter unaffected.
You could futz around alot with those speakers, and get some really well balanced, dynamic clear sound. Those speakers aren't the best at retrieving all the detail, as the other gentleman stated..never allowing the speakers to dissapear totally. But, overall, you'll have fun upgrading the sound if you want to get more into it. Have fun....
Hello, I have found that the McCormack DNA.05 Deluxe is a great match. If you can biamp with them it is even better but then you probably have a disproportionate amount of money invested in amps for them. I have also run them with Mission Cyrus 2, YBA Integre DT, and Mesa Tigris. I favored the McCormack overall with the Cyrus II next. Good Luck! Dave
Thanks for the responses so far. I've tried to stay away from budgetary concerns since I wanted to Feel users approach in this concern.
I forgot to mention that my (living and dining) room is about 14.5 ft. by 24 ft. The speakers are located along one of the narrow walls. There are two wide windows (like 6 ft. each) in one of the long walls. Now the room opens up into the kitchen at the opposite side of where the speakers stand. It is a 7 ft. wide opening that extends around 11 ft. from the side wall and it is the kitchen. But the room also opens up into a corridor adjacent to the kitchen and around 4 ft. wide.
Adding to the above paragrarh, the ceiling is at 8 ft. high. The construction is concrete slabs with glued parket flooring. Walls are sheetrock on metal studs.
Can you comment on the bass performance using the McCormack DNA 0.5?
Hello, I've used the 2.5i as well as the 2.9 for about 3 years now and have had excellent results w/ a multitude of amp/preamp combos. the amps that seem to work ther best are those typically w/a high dampning factor. The Bryston 4BST has very worked well . Another amp thats worked very well and typically found well under $1K here on Audigon is the MUSE 160.
One thing I've found is that a decent Tube preamp goes a long way in tamming the highs in the NHT's , suggestion here might be an ANTHEM PRE 1L or even better A SONIC FRONTIERS SFL-1 both can be had around $ 500.
Hope this helps
Well, I am crazy but I am playing the NHT 2.5i's with a pair of Wavelength Gemini Twins now, they play better than the Parasound, Better bass, with 2.5 watts per channel!!!!
believe or not, and the sound, a lot more quality.
I had bought a pair of Silverline Sonatina's but I like the sound with the NHT's.
I think I'll have to get something else, more efficient, like 96 to 98 db/1 w/1 mt.. But in the mean time I can enjoy it.