NHT Classic 4 vs. Revel F12....?

I'm looking at a second 2 channel system with full range tower speakers. They will be driven by Aragon amp/preamp. Has anyone heard these 2 speakers side by side...and what are your thoughts....? Better/Worse. Thank you.
Get the Revel. The NHTs are good but not even near as good as the Revels. I hotrodded a pair of NHT classic 4s but that was a lot of money for a speaker upgrade that has a really bad crossover design. The NHT's crossover is a very complicated design for good reason. The drivers have some weird issues with phase shift and the SPL levels and impedances between drivers which makes for a very inefficient speaker system. My modification made the Classic 4s sound much better than stock but it would have been easier to build a better speaker from scratch or a Kit like any of the GR research Kits.
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