Newbie want to use Vintage NAD 7227pe as preamp.

I recently bought a pair if Tekton Mini Lore and a Schiit Modi for streaming, really happy using my NAD receiver but saw a great price on a Parasound Zamp. Would this work. Is it as simple as removing the jumpers and connecting to power amp with RCA cables. Or should I look for an inexpensive preamp with phono stage, doesn’t need to have dac. I meant to put 7225pe in heading. Thanks
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Yep, that simple.... but the NAD amp might sound better
Thanks, as someone else on the forum emailed and also said something simalar. I will keep the setup the same, save and this time next year will buy new amp. 
Yes, if you want to upgrade amp save for a true upgrade. Going to the Parasound would be a sideways move IMO.