Newbie Letterbox Question

I just bought a a Pioneer DVD player and so far have only one DVD title, "BladeRunner" (director's cut). I keep programming the player to use the 4/3 aspect ratio for my standard TV, but when I watch the picture it only gives the 16/9 widescreen view. Is this a problem with the DVD player--or is this particular DVD disk not encoded to offer 4/3 viewing???
I just answered my own question. I didn't realize that DVDs could be recorded on both sides--Bladerunner has the widescreen version on one side and the standard version on the other. All I had to do was to remove the disk and flip it over. Plato
Hey,you're not a newbie any more.But you figured it out yourself that makes you a step above some.You have to look to see what is cut off the edge, and some time the 4.3 won't be wide enough to show 2,3,4 people the wide screen is able to show.The pan/scan usually has to do a butcher job,cutting off part of someone's face to get it in.Or a back and forth, cutting everybody twice,or more.Like a horizontal shot of the last supper would have to chop off a few of the desciples.Much work goes into each frame of a movie.I figure just telling you this won't convert you ;just think about it.If you have a small tv sometimes 2.35(the worst for not using all of your tv screen)can be a problem. OK class is out
Turn off the damned movies, and listen to some music *g*
Thanks for the help Avguygeorge--I appreciate the tutorial. I'm coming up to speed fast with help from decent folks like you. Yikes--chopping off a disciple seems unconscionable! I may have to buy a widescreen TV. Plato :)
To Plato,Just remembering.1963 at the Cinerama Dome theater; THE fore runner to what we call home theater: "How the West Was Won":Jimmy Stewart was riding into camp;from the extreme left side of the screen.The clop of the horse follows all the way to the right side.You can hear the crackle of the fire on the right banjo/guitar center Cinarama was a sight to behold,3 seprate camaras in sinc, the screen has an arc to it,maybe 30 ft wide. The audio wasn't bad either.The camaras never moves it all unfolds in front of you.1963 and I still remeber that scene. Watch it in pan&scan---I don't think so.---you wouldn't remember it 37 seconds latter.Movie photography is an art.Thus Academy Awards are given for it.Days of Heaven-79 (I think);the most gorgeous, stunningly beautiful example of movie art period.Rent the dvd. Yes it won for that year.Sit closer & see it 'all' in wide screen.Later
Avguygeorge, Enjoyed your reminisce on "How The West Was Won," except that it didn't play at the Cinerama Dome in Hollywood. Three-camera Cinerama was dead by the time the Dome was built for the premiere of “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World.” "Cinerama" films at that point in time were just super anamorphic pics. "How The West Was Won" played at the Hollywood Stanley Warner – the only LA theater with 3-camera projection. I agree the the sound was spectacular for the time.
God,I hate EVERYBODY has a better memory than me.It was in Hollywood,and it and it was awesome.How close am I on the 1963 part?Anybody see Days of Heaven?
Days of Heaven was absolutely awesome. A visual poem. I never knew the midwest could be so beautiful. If you liked the visuals, check out A Thin Red Line. I believe its the next movie David Malet made (ca. 1999) Same visual theme of blowing grass-like vegetation. This time not corn but some kind of jungle grass. A little bit off subject, but you asked.