New vs Used CD Player

How do some of the new players in the $3000 range, like the GamuT, Shanling and EMC-1 compare sonically to used players like the Meridian 508.24, ML39 and ARC CD2? Or is it worth it to wait and save more $$$ for a used Mk1 Capitole?
I wouldn't consider the Shanling in your price range, yes it looks neat but its sonics are claimed to be less then the Cary units- Talk to Bwhite about this he has all the details. I think if you want to run direct(from cdp to amp) then its a no brainer save and get the Capitole MkI, if your getting itchy to get a new player and don't want to wait the EMC-1 is an outstanding player also worth adding to your list is the Audio Mecca Mephisto II which happens to be Bwhite's player of choice(I trust his opinion because he is one of the only people here that has heard virtually all the 'good' players and is NOT a dealer). ~Tim
My opinion these days is to buy gear "new" where the technology truly does change frequently - i.e. pre-amp, processors, cd players, dvd players
and to buy "used" where the technology does not change that often - i.e. amps, speakers, cables.
Gimme a week, it'll probably change again, but that's my latest thinking anyway ;-} -aj
I agree in the basic philosophy as stated by Angela100.
I always bought NEW stuff. That is until I found Audiogon, Ebay, Audioreview, Audioclassic, and Audioweb. Get the IDEA, you can find LIKE NEW CD's and everything else and SVAE to buy MORE if you shop wisely. Audiophiles are always buying and selling equipment. I think listening is most important but getting TOYS that are new to YOU and trying them is a LOTT of FUN.
If you can get a two year old class a player for 60-70% less than the new model I would buy the used one . Many of the new models cost a lot more and do not offer the bank for a buck value . A few examples Sonic Frontiers SFCD 1 around $ 1,600. , ARC CD-2 Around 1,500., Meridian 508.24 around $ 1,500.00 , Krell 300 around 1,800.00 Mark levinson # 39 around $ 3,000.00, the Electrocompient 1 around $ 2,500. They don't get much better than these.
I agree with Weiserb. In fact I feel the opposite of the people who say buy the stuff that changes frequently (digital gear) new. Buy used unless you are sure you are going to keep the piece for a long, long time. If you are going to keep the piece for a long time then it might be nice to have the warranty. Otherwise, why pay full price on gear that will be improved upon in 12 months. With so many good people on Audiogon, you can buy used gear with high levels of confidence IMHO.

I think the CD player recommendations above are good ones,

Trust your ears, and Good Luck!
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I would check out the Sony SCD 222ES before I bought a CD only player, or a MArantz SA-14/8260.
I (and others I've talked to) feel that nothing has improved as dramatically as digital gear in the last few years. Newer generation players sound much better than those of just a few years ago. Speakers are slightly better - some designs that are 10 years ago are still current models (e.g. Thiel 3.6), and amps have been tweeked (Mark II becomes Mark III) which sound different but maybe not better.

So I guess it comes down to you, do want the best possible sound or do you want a trade study of dollars vs. performance. I will make one recommendation - audition the GamuT CD player, it sounds wonderful. I did an A/B using the GamuT and its internal DACs vs. GamuT and an external Audio Note $33K unit and the GamuT by itself blew the Audio Note away - no contest at all. Like yourself I've thought of buying a used high end CD player too but not anymore. Oh and try the GamuT amps as well - very very smoothe SS with incredible dynamics.