New Virtue Audio Integrated amps ???

Has anyone heard these virtue one or two amps yet? Are they really as good as the magazine reviewers say they are? I heard they are coming out with a all new model the Sensation M901 soon that will compare with high end Integrated amps for Only $699!....
StereoMojo is going to be doing a review on the Virtue Sensation soon... ..
Yes they are. I have the Virtue One and am very pleased with it.
I am also very pleased with my Virtue One.
I am listening to the Virtue Two with the 130 watt power supply, and I have to say that I am thoroughly impressed with this amp driving my 89dB efficient Fostex single driver speakers. I have plenty of headroom to create a solid and large soundstage that doesn't collapse during complex passages. The tone is warm and very life-like, and it has PRaT down in spades. It's smooth and liquid, but very detailed and clear in its presentation. I've been listening to jazz, classical, electronica and classic rock, and this amp is capable of handling anything I've thrown at it so far. There is no comparison between this amp and the lower powered T-amps like the Trends TA-10.1, the Sonic Impact T-amp or the Charlize. This amp is in a different league with more power, higher resolution and richness. It is priced reasonably for what it delivers. I would compare it to higher priced tube amps and Class A solid state amps. It's worth a try.
I'm really enjoying the TWO.2 that I have from the Virtue Audio Tour. This little guy is amazing!!!