Counterpoint upgrade or Virtue Audio?

After years of traveling I am back "home" and dusting off my audio equipment. I have Aerial 10T speakers, a Counterpoint Solid 2 power amp, a Counterpoint SA-2000 pre-amp and a California Audio Labs CL-5 CD player. As you can probably guess this system was put together in the early 90s and I'm ready to refresh it. I am keeping the speakers since they do a good job. I am wondering what to do with the rest of the stuff? On the amps, I am considering getting the Counterpoint gear upgraded (if Mr Elliott is still doing upgrades), or picking up some other amplification. I have been intrigued by the Virtue Audio amps and like their small size (vs the 80 lb Solid 2!).

I would appreciate the forum's wisdom on how to proceed and open to any ideas.
Upgrade the counterpoint equipment and buy a new digital source. CD player or server DAC combo, but I would say the digital is your weakest link.
You're happy with the speakers and Aerial is very well respected brand. The Counterpoint gear seems to me like it would mate well with the Aerials.

I'm sure you will get loads of advise but you need to determine what is most important to you and your listening habits


The 2000 is a nice preamp and keepable.So are the speakers if you have room.The amp is OK,but nothing special.Mike has done alot of good work for me and ask him about those 2 pieces for an honest answer.The CD player is OK.A tune-up is OK if it doesnt exceed say 100$.Dont mod it or spend alot on it.All and all if you dont have to spend alot to keep what you have your going to be fine.Your budget is paramount to your next set of questions.Best of luck,Bob
I don't think Mike is doing upgrades anymore, just repairs. Check his website.
Mike indeed is doing updates but only on some items as shown on his site. However, I think you would do better if you sold your existing Counterpoint items and used this money along with the money you would spend to update these and look for deals on higher-performance Counterpoint gear....some of which might have been updated.
Thanks for the advice. Regarding the digital, yes it's the weak link and I am thinking of getting a Cambridge Dacmagic and using an apple tv as a lossless source over usb. I will contact Mike to see what his thoughts are. One of the drivers for me wanting to change is that I don't really want all this hefty gear (amps) sitting in my living room. I have a smaller space and wondered if the newer Tripath or Class-D amps would do justice to the Aerials? I also have an Adcomp GTP-350 to throw in the mix.
One more clarification, I don't actually need all the power, at least not volume-wise. If I turn the existing system up to the 12 o'clock level then my neighbors (in NYC) think that I have a live band practicing in my place and lodge complaints! I'd be very surprised if I'll go anywhere around that SPL again, certainly never past the 12 o'clock mark on the volume knob, although it is quite a rush to hear the system do it's thing :-)
I'm glad to see Mike Elliott is still doing upgrades. The last time I visited his site it said they were only going to do repairs in the future.
The last time I visited his site it said they were only going to do repairs in the future.
That is only true for the top line stage (SA11) and mono amps as the cost to update these is more expensive than buying the new products under his Aria company. And these newer products outperform those past Counterpoint models.