Virtue Audio Speaker Cables

Any users of their Nirvana speaker cables?
I have, and was pleasantly surprised with their build quality and sound.
They ended up replacing both my MIT 750 and Signal Ultra speaker cables.
To my ears the Virtue are more open through the mids than both cables, giving vocals a great sense of realism.
They were also more detailed than the MIT's, which at first I thought would translate into brightness, but they proved to be very listenable over extended periods of time.
In fact, when I switched my MIT's back in after a few weeks, They sounded congested in comparison.
In my system they've worked very well and I haven't had the urge to upgrade since I got them.

Also, unlike the Signals, They happen to look far more expensive than they are. Pictures don't quite do them justice...

I hope that helps...
love em. replaced highly regarded wire and have no plans to remove the Virtue from my system. build quality is great and they look well made a much higher level than their asking price.
I have also!! They've replaced some aging MIT. Opened up the soundstage,improved timbres and clarity. At first they sounded a bit bright, however they have mellowed with use. The midbass in my rig is tuneful again!
The IC's are terrific. They have made my inexpensive Cambridge CDP sing!
Both are jacketed in a Pearly White Mesh which makes them kinda sexy looking. My wife has never really liked the MIT's with their drab grey!!
Highly recommended!!
Great service and customer relations from this Virtue crew.Bought amp and interconnects from them,they actually called me for clarification on build,excellent quality and sound.Not used to red carpet treatment after several poor experiences with certain overseas big to fail...or care...Thanks Virtue... Tom