New turntable or new cartridge?

Hey all! I've had a vpi scout w/acrylic platter/jmw9/sds for 10+years now with a dv xx-2 then a shelter 501/3 (most recently). 

I'm gonna spend up to $3,500 and want your opinion: 

new cartridge like like a koetsu goldline black?


new TT like a vpi scout 2 or prime?


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I went from a Scout to a Prime and I love it.  The bass is deeper and the music seems quite effortless and just flows.  I am using the same cartridge (ZU/Denon DL103) and the Prime definitely sounds better.  I would go for the new turntable first.  The 3D arm on the Prime will probably put new life in your older cartridge.
Definitely upgrade the turntable and arm.

+2 on the new table/arm.
I'm also enjoying a Prime, after owning a Scout for a couple of years.
I'll 2nd all of @stereo5 comments about it.

Also, I can't imagine there being much of a benefit to putting a $3,500 cartridge on a Scout.
It's settled! Thanks everyone!!!!!!!
Update: I just got my new scout 2 with VTA and anti-skate on the JMW 10 and it's like night and day! It doesn't even sound like the same shelter 501 III !!! Thanks again for all your input!
Congratulations! Enjoy your new table/arm!
Thanks!!! Have a great weekend!