New tubes for Counterpoint SA 100

Are there better tubes to make a Counterpoint SA 100 sound better, especially in the high end.
Yes there are.
I would like to help you Undertaker but I never remember what mine are when I change,and I just did.All I know is they were 6sn7's,but thats because I have the new upgrades.I have to say to email Mike at the website as he is very helpful.Its a great little amp,hope your enjoying,Bob
No the stock ones are 6DJ8 and not 6SN7.

Improving the high end on SA100 (stock, based on my experience with the SA220) means u need to replace the coupling caps AND swap out the 6DJ8 with a something that has sparkle like the Telsa (new JJ or NOS)

Now if your SA100 has been "altavista'ed" thats another story.
Try some Amperex 6DJ8 Bugle Boy tubes for around $15 each and see what happens. They should change the sound of the amp and then you can go up the 6dj8 chain from there.

Happy Listening.