New system help

Just assembling a new system for a friend from scratch. Here's what he has so far:

Meridan CD 507
Revel M20 speakers

What amp/pream combo would fit here...He is thinking maybe the Levinson Integrated or pairing up some Rogue Audio stuff.

Input appreciated.
TUBES!! Try the AES DJH pre and the new Six Pack mono amps. That would be the less expensive plan. Top shelf is V12i and SlP 2002 Cary.
I would make sure that the Revel's impedence curve is friendly with tubes before going that route. This lovely monitor is VERY carefully spectrally matched, and the last thing you want to do is to "trampoline" its freq resp with a high output impedence amp.
I'd suggest that you start with the Audio Refinement Complete ($1k new), or maybe that Levison, or other good ss output amp to get the system voiced well IN THE ROOM, and then play with tubes if that's your style. In other words start with neutrality before playing with spectral flavoring. JMHO.