NEW Rega RP6 - Anyone own one yet?

I was wondering if anyone had purchased the all new Rega RP6 turntable package yet?

If so, please provide feedback.

BTW, what cartridge are you using with the RP6?
Thought I would revive this one, as I am also curious.
IMO an RP6 and above (RP8) needs a good quality MC or at very least a HOMC. With my P9 I am using a Lyra Delos and feel that this cartridge is not doing my table justice.
Miner42- Thanks for your opinion. I could see the P9 benefitting from a better cartridge. That said, the Delos is supposed to be very good for the money. I believe the Dynavectors are a very nice match with Rega arms.... The RP6 would reside in my second system, with a cartridge in the $800-$1200 range.
Not sure if I could do better than an RP6 for it's $1500 price tag.
As a Rega dealer, I can tell you that they are selling very well.

Most I have sold with a Rega Exact cart, but I have done a few with Ortofons. For an MM, the 2m Black also works great. Just installed an Ortofon Cadenza Red on one and it sounds fantastic.
Miner42- Not sure if I worded properly. I meant to confirm your thoughts as far as the Delos. I believe you have a very good table AND cartridge. Perhaps something is amiss, or they simply do not match up.
Goldprintaudio, appreciate your comments. It has been said Rega has a fast, lively sound. Do you feel the RP6's sound can be described that way.
I have a RP6 with a Soundsmith Boheme cartridge and I think the sound is fantastic. It clearly outperforms an older modded Rega P-25 that I had. Deeper taughter bass,much better midrange resolution better soundstaging and dynamics. This is just my opinion, but I feel it outperforms the VPI Traveler. I feel the Rega's better tonearm and TT-PSU speed control have alot to do with its superior sound. Again, just my opinion.
Thanks Mr m : Did you happen to compare any other cartridges to the Boheme?
Fjn04. Yes, I compared it to a Clearaudio Aurum Beta S. Thought the Soundsmith was a more neutral and detailed cartridge with less upper midrange edge than the Clearaudio. A dealer of mine compared the Soundsmith against the Dynavector 20 HX and although it was a closer match, he preferred the Soundsmith. Sorry I couldn't give you more comparisons. Dealers are a little quirky about letting you audition a new cartridge at home.