New Onkyo or Older Yamaha?

My room was recently a victim of a nasty power surge, but out of the ashes came an excuse to replace some very old equipment.

One thing that survived was my Yamaha RAV326 receiver that I bought on clearance. I've never liked it all that much. I primarily listen to music, but I also watch a lot of movies, an the Yamaha doesn't have HDMI, which restricts my PS3 to optical (not that it sounds bad). It also has problems with the menus and auto set-up, but I'm willing to get those serviced if need be.

However, while researching, I've become very fond of the Onkyo TX-SR805 receiver. I've read the manual cover to cover, and it's definitely got everything I want in a receiver. I've found it advertised online for roughly $600.

My problem is, I'm not familiar enough with Onkyo and Yamaha to know how good their sound quality is, which is my main priority. The Onkyo would be new, not to mention only 2 steps below their flagship receiver, but I don't know how that relates the quality of the Yamaha, whom I've heard is a better receiver just by the name.

So, should I give up HDMI audio (which I could do) and service the Yamaha, or would it be worth my while to get the Onkyo? If you have any other suggestions in that price range, or any other solutions, I'd love to hear them.
I love my 805. It is everything I want in a processor. I don't use the amps in it. I don't use HDMI (yet) since my current RP-HDTV takes only component. It is a steal for the money.
Correction: The Yamaha receiver is an RVX659. My bad.
Thanks, Tgrisham. Do you have any experience with Yamaha to the point you could compare their sonic signature? I've read the Onkyo is brightish, which generally matches my tastes. I'm listening to the Yamaha right now through a pair of PremierAcoustic PA-4.2 Monitors and an old Onkyo HTIB Sub. It's not a pretty set-up, but it's all that survived the power surge, and the sound is not all that bad.

I'm almost completely convinced into getting the 805. Anybody want a Yamaha RVX659?
I'm sorry I don't know the Yamahas. I have tried the Onkyo on its own and find it detailed, precise, and accurate. My tastes run towards the detailed soundstage end of the spectrum.
At it's price point, the Onkyo is in a class by it's self.

I used to run onkyo and have set up a ton of yamahas and onkyo, I dont find the onkyo bright, more accurate and punchy. When it needs to get loud even the base model wont dissapoint, also its very very easy to set up and change stuff if you want, Yahmaha doesnt sound bad just not as intresting, and definatly more difficult to set up!!! By FAR!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks guys. I think I'll order the Onkyo in the next month or so. I was also wondering, is it worth trying to sell old receivers and equipment online for parts, or is it not worth the effort and easier to send it to the trash?
List it on "Craigslist"'s free. Some people like to tinker with broken components.