Pre amp section of marantz 7001 and onkyo 805

Wondering what you all think of the differences of the pre amp sections of these two receivers. I will be adding a two channel amp for mostly music listening. But i dont have the luxury of a separate music system, so i am looking for a nice pre for analog inputs until i can afford a dedicated two channel pre. I am not too concerned about the differences in decoding, power etc. My gut is to go with the marantz, as they seem to be more audio oriented than onkyo.
I love my 805 and use it for surround sound. I have tested it against my dedicated 2 channel with HT pass-through. It is excellent and I recommend it. The differences between these two units will be less than that of the source and the rest of the systems.
Well, I ended up going with the Marantz. It will arrive next week. Could not find a good used Onkyo, and the Marantz was available factory refurbished for a good price, with warranty. Looking forward to trying it out. Thanks for the help!

Have fun! Merry Christmas, I am sure you deserve it!