New Krell Phono Stage? Balanced in/out

Anyone have any information about this new phono preamp a dealer said was coming out soon. I am looking for balanced in/out because my tonearm that I have not received yet has xlr hard wired and because I want to try one. I have an Aqvox 2Ci mkii that I got a good deal on that I am trying now. Would like to try the Ayre if anyone has one they want to get rid of.
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No way you can rip the Ayre P5xe out of my hands.  Great phono preamp; do try it before spending more....
Ha that is good you like it. I like to look at the photos of the interior of electronics just to see how they are laid out etc. the thing that bothers me or I should say concerns me is the small transformer in the P5xe but that might be all it needs. I am a visual person I like the look of good equipment. I had a LKV Phono 2SB that did everything I wanted in a phono stage but did not like the utilitarian look of it, shallow I know