NEW JC-2 Breakin time???

I have a new Parasound JC-2. Is has 400 musics hrs on it and still it has a bright and grainy edge on the highs compared to my old Simaudio preamps in the same system. I've heard that this puppy takes a while to run in. Any one have any experience regarding the JC2 breakin time and brightness?
Don't expect that the amplifier will sound very good suddenly with 600 hours of break in! Otherwise it would be magic. Do you believe in magic?

If you do a search I think you will find that it takes a lot of hours before the unit finds it final sound. 600-1000 hours sounds familiar. The designers have stated as much in an article or comment I read some time ago, so be patient. A lot of users seem to love it, so they must know what they are talking about.
Be patient.