cary 306sacd breakin

hi guys
i was told to get to this cdp to where it should be ,it needs 500 hrs. now does this mean a total 500 on the sum of redbook,sacd and hdcd.thanks
I got mine used last year. Previous owner estimated he had about 150 hrs on it. It has sounded great from the very beginning and now has well over 500 hrs playing time in my system. I heard no substantive changes in its sound right from the beginning. It just sounds terrific! I don't buy the long break-in time. This player does all its formats very well.
The CD-306 has seperate DAC's for RBCD and SACD. You would need to burn in the circuits seperately.

I have had my CD-306 since new and have not noticed any gains in SQ after 100 hours. It probably keeps on getting better with more time on it, but the gains are so slight and so incremental that (to me at least) it's inaudible.
500 hrs, I doubt it...that sounds almost as silly as some guy claiming tweeters take 5 years to settle in, it was just on Agon a few weeks ago.
i agree wit amfibius...i have not noticed any change after around 75 hours...
from what i read each format has to be broken in individualy.i wish someoneone with some hours on his 306 would weigh in.
Gosh Alpass, if you read the posts from me and others your question has been answered (from actual 306 owners with lots of time on their machines). What more are you looking for???