New Grado Sonata 2 Statement-Anybody Heard One?

I'm setting up a new Turntable (Thorens TD-124 with SME 3009 Series II non improved arm) and am looking for a new cartridge. I like the Grado sound but haven't found a critical review of the new Statement Series 2.

I have a Statement Sonata1 (0.5mv output) on my present TT (Harman Kardon T-65C) and am very satisfied through my Moon by Simaudio 110LP phono preamp set at 60db gain. The New table will be going through a different phono pre (Audio Research PH-3 @54 db gain) which I think will be a better match with the Sonata 2's higher output (1.0mv). I believe the compliance of both cartridges are the same (20 Cu).
So far I've found only 2 differences between the Sonata 1 and Sonata 2
1. Sonata 1 output is 0.5 mv, Sonata 2 output is 1.0 mv.
2. Sonata 1 weighs 7gm, Sonata 2 weighs 10gm

I think my SME arm can handle the heavier Sonata 2 (please comment if you think otherwise) but first and foremost..I'd like to know if anyone has actually heard one.

Many thanks in advance.