New Forum Format Sucks

The new forum format sucks. The old one was perfectly fine.
I think its great. Sure, a few tweaks would make it more interesting....

My only complaint at present is having to mouse over the pictures on the Virtual Systems to see info. Other than, it is great and looks nice to me.
I have noticed that doing web searches on equipment, the links do not work to Audiogon forum posts. So, I guess we won't be able, at least for now, to have access to those opinions posted here on the old forum. This is REALLY bad news. A typical web search would return links to reviews like Stereophile, 6 Moons, Positive feedack, etc. Also for sale listings in Audiogon, USAudiomart, and ebay. But if you are checking into a piece of equipment you really want folks opinion on forums like Audio Review, Audio Karma, Audio Circle, and the Audiogon Forum is a great resource. Has anyone found links to the NEW forum come up in a search?
I agree, this format sucks! The color combo is terrible, very harsh on the eyes. The old format was a lot better.

dbear44 - Why not do  a search on this site for what you are looking for? All the old forum posts are here.