New format, dislike.....

Your thoughts?
Agree with you about old 12/24 hours post page being the best.

Recently found that the new equivalent of that page is found by clicking browse at top left and selecting "All Recent".  Again, like old format better.   
I guess change is hard for some, but I view the new format as an improvement which will likely get even better with time. I also appreciated that Justin was responsive to many excellent suggestions during the beta phase.
I begin to get used to it,but honestly if it went back to the original format I wouldn't mind either.
At first I was quite negative about the forum changes, but as time goes by the problems are being corrected and I am getting more comfortable with it.  I am perhaps most impressed by the quick responses to complaints and questions.  Somebody is actually listening!
sometimes i like some comments of people and I would like to mark them like in youtube:)