New Dynaudio C series candidates for ugliest list.

Now that I have seen these speakers in person I must say that they come up way short visually especially for the money.
No problem with the sonics but this uninspired design looks like it should be sold at Ikea. You know go to this aile to pick the wooden tower and proceed to another aisle to pick the speaker frame, mount on top of your Volvo, take em home, use the supplied hex wrench to assemble and you have great spaeker for 12k or 16k. IMHO I think that Dynaudio could have at least put the speakers inside the box
Gotta wonder what they are thinking. Its not like the dont have the resources to develope visually pleasing designs or they are hardcore "only the sound matters" designs. I would probably have Totem Hawks right now if they didnt have those ugly "Claw" feet. I guess someone likes them.
I previewed the C2s and C4s a few days ago. I think the overall look of both speakers are very nice. I like the trim and simple lines. I will probably end up buying the C3s due to a negotiated agreement with my spouse that I would get new speakers that are significantly smaller than my Mirage M1s.

By the way, I really loved the DynAudio speakers in general. I think that I prefer them to the Sophias, 6s and 7s that I auditioned the day before. The DynAudios are very detailed AND still sound good off-axis.
I agree with Davifran...not a bad looking a matter of fact, for me.....they would fit in well (visually).

I too found they quite impressive in a brief audition at the NY show in May. One of the best sounds that weekend!
I have auditioned them as well and they look very nice in person. They sound fantastic. If you want to see an ugly speaker, check out the Legacy Manhatton. That will make the C series look like a super model.

If Dynaudio C series should be sold at Ikea then all the speakers except Dynaudio should be dumped into the sea.
I just saw the speakers yesterday,they are definately ugly.
But looks are not everything.They sounded great,i am saving up my pennies!