Help me choose TT of these three candidates.

I have narrowed the list down to these 3.
1. La Luce with SpJ tone arm and Lyra Helikin or Titan Cartridge
2. Transrotor Orfeo with Tripalnar tone arm and Sheltor 901
3. Clearaudio Max Solution with Master TQ1 arm and Strvidari cartridge

I have auditioned all of the above three in addition to VPI TNT (too warm), SME 18/2(?)(too slow for my taste),Transrotor Leonardo(did not so much for me), Clearaudio Master solution (liked the sound but chose to go one step up). Of the three 1 and 2 falls in to the category of sound that I prefer: Neutral, dynamic and lush and excellent freq extension at both low and high end. Besides both of them looks gorgeous! There are other TTs that I might be interested in but it is difficult to find dealer that has the set up. Only other alternative is read as many reviews and get opinion of Audiogone members. Since each combo costs $10-$15 K, I would really like you opinion and or your experience on these three choices and any other recommendations you might have.

It's a matter of personal taste, I suppose, but I don't see how the La Luce has any competition at all in the looks department. A perfect 11.
I haven't heard any of those tables, unfortunately, but I do own a TriPlanar VII and still have a Shelter 901 lying around somewhere. If you end up with a TriPlanar I'd try to get a better cartridge. The 901 won't give you anywhere near the performance this arm is capable of. I've had the three top ZYX's in my system and they all beat my 901, two of them for not alot more money. A Titan should easily better a 901, and other cartridges probably would too.
Nilthepill, I am curious about your reaction to the VPI TNT. You mention that you have found it to be too warm for your personal taste. My experience is that the early versions of the VPI TNT from the Mk. 1 version through the Mk. 5 version of the design were definitely all voiced on the warm side of the spectrum.

However, I have found that the Mk. 6 version of the TNT is, in contrast, exceptionally neutral. Have you heard the Mk. 6 version of the turntable with the acrylic platter, and the periphery ring and center weights? I am personally very pleased with the VPI TNT Mk. 6, the SME IV tonearm and the Dynavector XV-1s cartridge. This is an excellent rig that would fit nicely within your $10k-$15k price range.
I agree with you 111% Tobias on La Luce's looks. Although the Transrotor Orfeo could be close second (9)and Clear audio could be third(8).

Dougdeacon, I am not familiar with ZYX(?)cartridges, but you are correct. The triplanar could use better cartridge than 901- may be 90x or as you say Titan.

Cincy_bob, The TNT I audioned must be V or earlier because I don't remember it having acrylic platter. The ring and clamp were definitely there. When I say It sounded warm, I am talking in comparision with 1 and 2 combos. The big negative for TNT for me is, its foot print. It is just huge.

All of the three above can be fit in 18 X 18 square size. They are all non suspended, heavy acryllic platter design, 3 point support design.
Hello from Australia...
I have just completed the setup of my LaLuce with the AirTangent arm and a ZYX "nude" Cosmos 3 weeks ago...still coming to terms with the incredible sound ,cartridge still breaking in...all I can say so far the best sounding turntable I have had in my system...after Kuzma Reference,Immedia RPM2 and various others,the LaLuce is very easy to set up ,small footprint...and IMO ,good looking...My system now nears completion and I will post a review soon...Horning Alkibiades,KR Audio Stereo Kronzilla,Audiomeca Mephisto and me ,if you like a picture of the LaLuce...Enjoy the music ...Helmut
If great looks, a compact footprint and a high-mass, non-suspended design are the important criteria, you might also consider a Teres. Those are the three reasons we bought ours, although beauty is always a matter of taste of course.
Thanks Dougdeacon for the link. I will sure to look the link up. I recently read the other thread mentioning Teres, Red Point and Verdier(sp?). From looks point of view Red Point certainly apeals to me. I wonder if Teres comes in material other than wood.

Hiradi, from the resume of TT's you have had, it is comforying to know La Luce is best sounding set up. Why did not you get the matching SPJ arm? How does AirTangent compare with the SPJ if you compared them. Boy I sure need to get to know the ZYX cartrdiges. I would love to get the pics of La Luce. Let me send you email off line. Could you describe the sound of your La Luce combo? Thanks.

Hi again...
The LaLuce Centoventi is ,to my ears, a very musical,lively sound...with excellent soundstaging and seperation of the instruments ,lots of air around each I said the cartridge is still breaking in...what suprised me most about the sound was the dynamics,really brought the Hornings alive....much better than anything before...I have not heard the SPJ arm ,but since I consider the AirTangent to be better than my previous arm,the Wheaton,it was not a issue...I simply prefer the straght line trackers...and it fits very nicely wife just hopes it's the last one...but there is a Aussie one which I heard and it is quite unbelievable...but ,that's another story ,enjoy !!!
I have a C/A Max Solution. You can e-mail me directly if you have specific questions on this model.

Teres used to make all-acrylic tables. They were dropped from the line because the resonance-damping properties of dense hardwoods are so much better. Even with lead-shot loading, resonances in the acrylic plinths and platters muddied the sound. This was confirmed by dozens of listeners on multiple occasions where acrylic vs. wood plinths and/or platters were set up for A/B comparisons. Very few listeners chose the acrylic once they heard the lower noise floor and superior clarity of the wood.

If you like the high-tech style of metal and acrylic, I don't think Teres makes anything suitable. Galibier and Redpoint go more that way.
If I may I'd like to put in my two cents for the Brinkmann LaGrange table. A wonderfull sounding deck and a sight to behold. If your spending that kind of money, it wouldn't be right not to hear one. I am a TNT6 owner and I love it but a Brinkmann is just a little further up the chain, of course I would also prefer the Kuzma Airline over the Brinkmann arm...
oracle delphi or premiere would be more neutral than the 3 mentioned. also the linn, phonosophie
I chose the Transrotor Orfeo with the Turbilon upgrade, (three motors with a central controller). I use the superb AudioCraft AC-3300 arm with a Zyx Airy 3 silver. Incredible dynamics, rich, and yes pretty neutral. Truly a gorgeous table in every way. By the way I am in the process downsizing and my table and arm can be had very reasonably...