new Aja 180 gram vinyl pressing just arrived

the new Steely Dan Aja 30th anniversary 180 gram pressing arrived from Acoustic Sounds

will be interesting to compare since master tapes were lost on Black Cow and Aja

happy spinning
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I had a chance to listen to it on my recently upgraded Linn LP12.

IMHO, this was already one of the best recorded albums of all time. In comparing it to previous versions, both standard and half speed master, I must say they've outdone themselves on this one. The level of low level detail was stunning. Well worth the price of admission.
My son bought it for me and, as much as Ilove him and teh gesture, I'll play one of my original ABC versions before all others, a particlar Japanese version second. The AS version is nice, and quiet but, to my ear, not as rich and full, while still ultimately detailed as the original. And, no, I am not mistaking anything else for what I call rich and full.
I'd have to agree with 4yanx. A friend and I compared the Cisco reissue to an original ABC and we felt the ABC was just more musical of a recording. The midrange is slightly more recessed on the Cisco to me. I do hear more of the skins of the drums though on the Cisco and the recording is certainly detailed; but, no, not as rich and full as the original ABC to these ears.
My copy was waiting for me when I got home. I will spin it tomorrow, better or not it is still great music.
More power to you. Fortunately, pretty much all issues of AJA are "audiophile" pressings.

I wish I still had my early ABC pressing (a flood, mold, and warping took it).
Well I was the ubiquitous friend listening along to the Cisco version as compared to the original ABC... For me the vocal bits seemed pushed back into the mix on the Cisco, yet the speed and textural detail of the drums, the cymbals ringing clearer and dissipated with a greater delicacy of air, and some guitar work seemed to be more nicely detailed. It's a mixed bag at best IMHO. As much as the new Cisco is well pressed (as always) and a very quiet surface, I would have to side with the ABC original having a greater overall musicality and involvement. If you need a really, really good copy and don't have one, the Cisco version will do this classic album justice. Just don't go fishing around in used record bins for a clean $2.99 copy of the original or you might be left somewhat perplexed.

Happy (reissue) Listening!
The Master tape for the entire Aja LP is still alive and well. It's the multi-tracks for those 2 songs that are missing. The disappearance of the multi-tracks would have no bearing on this vinyl release. It was however apparently a factor in this album not being released on 5.1 SACD.
I know this is a thread for people who like the record, but i have to disagree that it is a well recorded record. It is an influential record ( i think in bad way) in the way it was recorded and it is clean and solid in that 70's way when most peopole were using pretty decent mics and conoles and good players. However, I would never want to listen to it. No room sound to speak of, everything baffled off and dead.

I know people love the record and it is mysterious to me. As for good recording, I would take "clap hands, here comes charlie" or a hundred other records from the 50's any day over the 70's steely dan sound. Oh well, different strokes...
MF has spoken...Ohhhhhh! Ahhhh!

May I paraphrase: By the way, if someone says the reissue doesn’t sound any good, be sure to ask about that person’s playback system.

That’s the best argument I’ve heard yet. Lets see, if you disagree in any way, shape, or form with my assessment then you must have an inferior sound system (compared of course to a writer of the same industry getting comp’ed on equipment and records). How will I ever get to audiophile nirvana at this pace?!

Well I guess it's settled then. If you have any qualms about the new Cisco/ ABC Aja it mean that your system is some how deficient or lacking and just doesn't measure up to this writer's Wilson’s etc. ;^)

Contrary to some folk’s idea of Hifi and reproduced music, I think I'll keep my gear and stand by my opinion that this recording may be excellent… and is different from the ABC original in several ways that I don’t necessarily find overwhelmingly flattering. It’s a matter of tastes. For the rest of you thinking about throughing all your hard earned gear up on AudioGon or out to the curb (just kidding) because this record doesn't make you bow before your speakers in humble humility and you are left somehow with feelings of being unworthy, take stock, your Hifi just might be OK after all. Listen and compare for yourselves and see what you think.

Sorry Mikey, Many, many times I find you spot on… for me this time, your approach is just a tad harshing to my buzz.

Happy (first pressing) Listening!
I just tried the new Cisco version of Aja and compared it to a really good-sounding original and a MFSL pressing. And my verdict is in: the Cisco is a piece of junk. Bland, detail-challenged, flat, warm and syrupy, and no deep bass that is on both the MFSL and the original. The MFSL's faults is that it is too bright on top and edgy, but I just cannot tolerate the blah sound of the Cisco. Save your money and try a few originals found everywhere in used record bins.
And that's exactly what I did, found a mint original the other day for 50 cents at the local antique shop. Mark

08-16-07: Markd51
And that's exactly what I did, found a mint original the other day for 50 cents at the local antique shop. Mark
Damn! And I paid $1.99 for mine Monday. But at least I can comfort myself that it's also NM. For the same price I also got Can't Buy a Thrill, Pretzel Logic, and The Royal Scam at the same shop. I already had Katy Lied. Now all I'm missing is Countdown to Ecstasy and Gaucho. Hmm, I may have to go back and pick up Gaucho while their 1/2 price sale is on.
...Hey Johnnyb53, Ya just got to have *Countdown to Ecstasy * to round out you set, there's no two ways about it.

Happy (Dan) Listening!

08-19-07: R_f_sayles
...Hey Johnnyb53, Ya just got to have *Countdown to Ecstasy * to round out you set, there's no two ways about it.
Yeah, you're probably right. I already have the "Citizen Steely Dan" CD boxed set, but in no way do I consider the LP purchases redundant. The SD CDs sound better than many other CD reissues, but still, they ain't vinyl.