New Accustic Arts V3 Tube Dac anyone heard?

It's now out and being delivered, anyone had a chance to demo it or even see one in person? Very hard to find any info. so if anyone has any kindly post it.

I am really enjoying my combo; AA Dac MK4 with the Oracle 2000 transport via Stealth Sextet digital AES connection but this dac is suppose to be something else. With the bit of info. I have got it sure looks promising, hybrid, true dual mono design, tubes. Very interesting.
Dev, I'll be getting one to demo next week and will share my impressions in the near future.
I am VERY interested to hear this as well. Even though I love my Esoteric X-03se cdp, the AA transport and dac has me thinking about making a change.....

Teajay you seem to be ahead of the pack in getting one of these units to demo, I'm looking at two weeks. Do you have any preliminary information you could share about this new dac. What info. if any has been shared with you regarding the sonic differences between this unit and the MK4?

There seems to be allot of excitement like there always is when something new comes out, what are your initial thoughts prior to actually getting your hands on one and listening to it?

Man, just my luck, I have just moved up to the DAC 1 Mk4. Not to change the topic, but I have the Accustic Arts front-end (Drive 1 Mk2, DAC 1 Mk4) in my system. However I am using a Omega Mikro RCA digital cable between the two. Am I missing something, as most owners of these units, uses XLR cables (Stealth Sextet)? Any experience in comparing RCA vs XLR digital cables with the Accustic Arts pieces? Thx. Ken
Kpoulard, no need to worry you have a marvelous combo, hard to improve on. If you read some of my threads you will notice that I use to own the "AA" Drive 1 MK2 but recently changed and now use the Oracle 2000 trans which I feel is an improvement and prefer but it is a costly upgrade. If you can get one to demo do it but be prepared to buy one, it's that good.

Regarding the digital cable connection between the two, I actually have not got around to doing any ABing. I will though in the near future as I also own a Stealth Sextet RCA that is used from my McIntosh Music Server to the dac. I also want to try a BNC connection.

Regarding this new dac, the cost is substantially higher, sug. retail being $10,500.00.
Dev, Thx for the feedback. I haven't heard the 2000 personally, but understand it's a keeper. Keep us posted if you decide to do the RCA vs XLR compare, as I'm trying to decide whether to make the switch to XLR. Sounds like you have the perfect vehicle to do so, as you have both the XLR and RCA versions of the same cable.
Hi guys, you owners of AA MK4 better, "buckle up your sonic safety belts". Right out of the box the V3 is significantly more "musical/organic" in its sonic performance, without losing any dynamics or resolution of the MK4, and its not even close to being burnt in yet!

I'll post a formal review here on the GON with all the details in the next couple of weeks after burn-in, but its a keeper. I was skeptical that Accustic Arts could top their own MK4, I loved having it in my system, this company has some great talent and ears when it comes to digital gear.

Teajay I am still trying to get as much info. as possible while awaiting for arrival of the unit but as you know there really is nothing. Can you give some info. on the design, what do the tubes operate etc?

Look foward to reading your review, are you enjoying your Stealth product?
Dev, I wish I could answer your question regarding the hybrid tube design, but alas I cannot. I do know that it is the first DAC not to use tubes in the analog output stage, but how the tubes are used in the overall design I don't have a clue.

Regarding the Stealth Indra and Metacarbons they are the best wires I have ever had in my system. That also includes the digital Sextet cable.

By the way I tried the Oracle transport in my system and found it to maybe be a smidgen more resolving then the AA Drive 11, but not significantly better to mandate the expenditure for my system.
teajay, do you know if this dac will take multiple inputs? I would like to use with my transport as well as my digital music server. Thanks in advance.
The Accustic Arts tube DAC has dual 32 bit mono DACs for left and right channels, a Class A power supply with 84,000 uF of capacitance, dual encapsulated toroidal transformers, and a heavy gauge solid aluminum chassis. The hand selected tubes are (2) 12AX7WA/ECC83, are lab tested by Accustic Arts and burned in for 100 hours prior to shipping. Balanced and single ended outputs are included, along with XLR, RCA & BNC inputs. Front panel selector switching includes Input 1/Input 2/Input 3/Mute and Tube Standby/Tube On. if I understand you last sentence correctly, I can hook up up to 3 digital inputs to this DAC??? If so, what line to I have to stand in to get one?????
To all readers of this thread, please feel free to email me at... for more information on Accustic Arts Tube Dac. I can send you pictures, white papers and a block diagram per your request.

Respectfully, Brian Ackerman / Aaudio imports

Teajay thanks for your reply back regarding the unit, strange about the Oracle 2000 transport because there was a significant difference in my set-up and last night I experienced a similar situation but in my friends set-up.

His set-up consist of Vandy 5A's, Dartzeel amp and pre combo along with the Accustic Arts Dac and Trans. combo. He replaced his EMM units recently with the Accustic Arts.

Last night I took my unit over to his home, he is also using Stealth Sextet AES digital cable and Indra from dac to pre, he has been nagging at me wanting to hear the combo in his system since he heard it at my place. I really did not want to do this because of the suspension but I took care so no damage would occur. The difference was actually greater in his system than in mine so this really has me dumb founded about your experience. Some thoughts being possible system synergy issues, was the Oracle the latest version? My unit which was new was not even broken in and when I put it into place you could hear the differences right away, this is just too weird.

Oh well Teajay thanks for the feed back at least you are enjoying the Stealth product and "AA" gear which includes myself.

Get this another friend of mine who has JM-Nova Be's borrowed my Stealth Indra and just hated it in his system, I didn't even get to hear it for my self. He has a marvelous sounding system also, so go figure.

All we can do is try, I'm looking forward to getting to hear the unit.

Enjoy your new toy!
The V3 does not accept USB, is that coorect?