Need USB cable recommendation

I am looking for a high quality USB cable to connect my laptop with an external DAC. I need a cable with USB/A at one end and USB/B at the other end. Any recommendations?
I've worked my way up the Locus Design chain, and am now up to the Cynosure. They have one for every budget, and I really liked the performance of every single one, relative to price point. Lee is terrific about trade-ins (will give you 100% of the value of the one you bought towards the one you'd like to upgrade to).

Really worth a shot, I think.
Transparent Performance USB, sound way better than basic computer cords and are reasonable (~$90 for 2M)
Check out Wireworld.
Thanks for the suggestions.
Kimber makes a nice USB cable at a decent price. Check the needle doctor's website.
I recommend the Essential USB cable by dB Audio Labs.