Need to upgarde the preamp for my Ayre V3

I would appreciate the opinions of others in this regard.
I own a Ayra V3 for a couple of years now, and at the time was only able to purchase a used Audio Reserach SP-6 tube pre-amp.
I'd like to upgrade the pre-amp with something that is balanced and offers a great colaboration.
Anything in the 2000 range?
Also, is the upgrade for the v3 worth while?
I'd go for an Audio Research LS-5 Mk 2 Balanced.

There's one for sale on the Gon for 2K, but it's a 220/240 version that needs to be converted, not too big a deal, I'm sure Audio Research could help, or you could wait for a U.S. listing.
I can only comment on the Ayre V3 ie: whether worth a pre-amp upgrade? I have the V3 now for more than a few years now with various pre-amp upgrades & it has not dissappoint. Unless you are after a muscle amp such as a Pass Lab X350.5 or even the CJ Premier 350, the Ayre V3 (100 watt) is a great amp, even when compared to the more recent models.
Good luck.
something to consider..... there are alot of really, really great used tube preamps in the $1800 to $2000 range (bat vk5i,vk50,arc ls5,arc ls25) that are better than anything new at $4k range (imo).

the MAJOR drawback to the above mentioned preamps is finding 6-10 nos 6922/7308 is impossible to do at a reasonable cost...

with that being said, i would suggest the arc ls25 (it only takes 4 tubes) but goes for $2300 to $2600 range..

if you do have a tube stash then a arc ls5 or a bat vk50 (different presenations)..cant go wrong with either.
I have a BAT VK-3i with phono stage and an up-to-date Ayre V-3 and love the combination. I'm using Pope 6V6GT and Siemans steel pin NOS tubes. If you have any particular questions, I could answer them, but all-in-all this is an excellent combination.