Need to replace my Acurus ACD-11

Hello, I need to replace my Acurus ACD-11 cd player, which unfortunately is not functioning.

I am at a complete loss as for what players to consider at about < $2k. I listen to a wide variety of music, from the classical to the electronic.

I was considering the Bryston BCD-1, but after listening to it, I was wholly unimpressed; overall it sounded very congested.

I'm a bit lost at this point. Any suggestions will be very much appreciated!!
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Luxgon, you could consider an ARC peice, CD 2 or if you can find it a CD 3. The Bryston has need for a lot of break in time (500 hrs. was recommended). I don't know maybe a Sim Audio or Marantz product would suit you too, if your more tube based I've seen alot of good things said about the Raysonic units as well as Cary so that may be a good starting point too. Either way good luck on your search and if you can auditionin your system too.
Hi Luxgon, I own the BCD-1 and honestly, it is not congested. In my system it is very clear and extended top to bottom, with no congestion. Describing it as congested counters my experience with it. It sounds to me like something in the setup was amiss. Maybe issues with the cables? Maybe some settling-in was needed somewhere, or break-in, perhaps? I've had the BCD-1 for less than a week, and I really like it but I'll reserve final comments on it other than my comments on the clarity of the player. I also have and recommend the Raysonic CD128. The CD128 is excellent and a great, great value whether you buy it new or especially if you get one on the used market. It is smooth with strong bass, detailed, with a clear open midrange and extended highs. No edge or etch with the CD128. It's very resolving as well.
I picked up a Anthem CD1 multi disc player for a second system and it blew away my main rig. Basically it has a 6 disc sony changer with Sonic Frontiers dac and tube output stage. Sound stage is fantastic. Very non-fatigue sound. I kept hearing stuff I never heard before on my Cd's. Drawbacks are slow clunky changer system. Fair price should be around $650. You can upgrade the tube and also upgrades are available from parts connexion.

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you should have another listen
Bryston BCD-1 is an excellent player