Acurus A250

Picked one of these up today in a junk shop for a song. Great amp.
I purchased one of these brand new along with an RL-11 preamp back in 1996. I use it almost daily in my main system since then with no problems of ant kind. It is capable of driving most speakers, even some difficult ones. Certainly ranks as one of my best purchases ever.
I hope you enjoy yours for many years
I had one that sounded great but it had to be sent back to Mondial to have a pesky hum fixed twice...they paid for it so it was merely an inconvenience, but I think that thing was the bargain powerhouse of its day, and I used it with Vandy 1Bs...killer.
Congrats on a great amp. I have owned two A250's, two A200's, two A150's, two A200x3's, two A200x5's, one A100x3, and one A100. Okay, I am an Acurus fan boy. Needless to say, used Acurus amps are IMO performance bargains especially the A250 which can really thump the low end.

I had one of those back in the early '90s, along with the matching preamp; it was a true bargain in its day. I passed them both along to a friend and they're still in use. The phono stage from that series was also quite good for the money.
You guys would have been amazed at the stuff somebody dropped of. Including a very large Rotel Amp that some guy got for $45. I got the Acurus for less. The Rotel was a $1000+ used piece easy. It was how the stuff came out, or I would have got nothing.
Running it with a NAD 7140 as a pre, with Yamaha NS 1000's. Sounds great.
Now I can let something go.