Need to change Spade to Banana

I have an Anthem Amp 2, and although it is a fine amp, Anthem really screwed the pooch with the binding posts. The spade lugs on my Analysis Plus Oval 9 will not fit into the 'groove' of the binding post. I currently am using Monster banana plugs that allow a spade lug to be attached but feel as though the surface area that actually makes contact between the banana plug and the spade lug is quite minimal.

Can anyone suggest a better spade-to-banana converter?
Nothing more easy and firm than re-terminating Analysis+ that use solder-free bananas and/or spades.

Monster locking bananas aren't bad at all and you should realy place an effort to find the better ones.
I used to have AP9s with spades and was able to use the screw-on Monster X-Terminator banana adapters with success. Here'a a link to them:

Eventually, when I switched to shorter biwire runs, I sent them back to Analysis Plus for re-termination.
Thanks for the info Gunbei, but those are the exact Monsters I use. Since we have identical wire, do you feel there is enough contact area between the Monster spade-banana and the spade lug? I just ordered a similar animal from Magnepan to try it out. I'll let you know what i think of them when I get it. In the mean time other suggestions (aside from AQ's version of this also sold on Aduioadvisor, as I bought those too, and they are pretty poor quality)?
I had a feeling those were the same ones. Actually, I thought the X-Terminators did a good job, except for when I stripped one of them. When I decided to go to biwire I had AP replace the spades with WBT midline bananas which have their own locking screw mechanism.
I think the Anthem binding post configuration was mandated by Canadian government rules. It doesn't help your situation, but I don't think you can blame it on Sonic Frontiers, which manufactures Anthem equipment.
I would consider swapping the binding post on the amp. As you already know, the connection at the amp or speaker is of major importance, and no matter how high the quality of banana/spade adapters you will find, they still will not be as good as high quality binding post and spades. Also, in absolutes, a binding post will always be better than a banana of equal quality.
My recomendation for a better converter is no converter. While I appreciate the fact that high quality converters are available, so are terminations (bindinig post, spades, bananas, ect.) This is a rare occasion where you can get a free, no-brainer upgrade in sound quality, so why not? (what is the cost of new binding post as opposed to adapters?)
I had the posts on my CJ 350 replaced. Of course no AB was possible but I thought it was better.

This is my 3000 post! Is there a prize?

do you still own the CJ 350 amp? It is very sweet btw.
Happy Listening!
Yes, but it is going. I am replacing it with a Gamut 200 as it was made to work with my Gamut 5 speakers. Also I have a lot less money in it and at 75 want to downsize as my sister will have to dispose of my gear after I have departed. Have already planed what I can make a system for them but they will not want as complex system as I have. I just had the CJ checked out at the factory and don't know whether I should leave it in the sealed box or take it out for photos