Need opinions on a tube amp for Wilson WP8

What do you think is a good tube amp for these speakers? I just bought the speakers and never heard them before. Thx.
You bought $28,000 speakers and never heard them before?
Hello Nick,

Try a pair of Balanced Audio Technology (BAT) VK-150se amps. Audiogon member Jfrech has the W/P8's with these amps, you may want to send him a email for the specifics.

I use the BAT 150se amps along with the BAT REX pre-amp driving Avalon Eidolon Diamonds and the sound scares me at times it is so real.

All the best to you in whatever you decide.......

Hi, yes, I pretty much love my 150SE's on my WP 8's. And these are steal used if you buy used.

I am guessing VTL and Audio Research will be great to.

What's the rest of your system and cabling? Room size?

Good choice on speakers :)
I heard Jadis with WP and it was magical
You'll get a lot of opinions,but it's a good place to start.May I suggest the VAC Renaissance Series 70/70,preferably the MKIIIs.Best looks with the black/gold as opposed to the WWF badge on the earlier units.Great sounding amps.
What kind of sound do you like? Valve amps can give you anything from traditional fat and warm sound (triodes), to something remarkably SS-like (big pentode amps), and everything else in between. The WP's like a bit of juice so on first blush either a big triode (VERY expensive) or a pentode would be the go. Both sound very different though.
i've heard them sound amazing with the new VTL-450s. this combo got VERY strong reviews at the last two Montreal Audio Shows.
VTL, BAT, ARC, Lamm are the usual suspects. Lamm probably my favorite.