Need list of 92db speakers and above.

Looking for a list of high efficiency full range speakers for a second system. That system will have a 5 watt SET amp as does my main system. I already have a pair of Abbys I purchased recently but may want a little different on the second system just to play with.

Hi Dean,

Did you mean "full range" as covering the audible spectrum (approx 20-20K) or did you mean "full range" as in a single driver covering the speaker's entire usable range?

Also, are you looking for only factory built speakers or are you interested in increasing the bank-per-buck by considering some DIY designs? Also, are you looking for floorstanders or stand-mounters?

Lastly, a price range would be helpful. I'm guessing there are 92db+ speakers ranging for about $120 to $120K.


Check out Bob Brines speakers, as well as those listed by Decware.
Okay...I see I may of left out some critical additional requirements. :-)
DIY may be an option.
Prefer no cross-over with single driver.
Cost under $3000.00 used.
Full range as in range similar to the Cain & Cain Abbys.
Floor/shelf does not mater....just sound.
Yowsa, Dean - you are really jumping into this SET/single thing with both feet!

To try a totally different single-driver experience from the Abbys, I'd suggest the Hammer Dynamics Super-12 kit. It features a customized 12" fullrange singe driver with a supertweeter crossed in above 12kHz. 97dB@1watt and 45-21kHz freq response. Upgrade the stock tweeter with an affordable Fostex FT-17H tweeter and top end extends to 50kHz.Kit is only $650 and comes with everything you need except the 2 4'x8' pieces of wood needed to build the cabinets.

The former Single Driver Website has a DIY/mod section devoted to thsi speaker with lots of tweaks and upgrades. You can also post/search the new FullRange Driver website/forum for even more info and advice from others.

Audio Note Speakers also come to mind as both kits and pre-assembled. Aprox. 94dB and designed specifically for SET amps. These designs are intended to be placed in or near corners for loading and best bass response.

For something totally different, but just as impressive look into the Bastanis Prometheaus open baffle speakers/kits. The finished speaker is out of your price range, but the kit makes it. Here's a few reviews of it: 6Moons, Enjoy The Music, Dagogo .
Check out the omega maxhemps.
The Ref 3a deCapo is a large-ish 92db stand mount that gets to +/- 42 hz with a very flat impedance curve (nom=8 ohm) due to a minimal x-over. Not the last word in dynamics, but it will provide extended bandwidth and a neutral midrange from 5W/ch.

For the flip side of the above, Zingali makes some horn mounted floorstanding loudspeakers that are very dynamic, if a bit less neutral than the deCapo. They also get a little hard at higher spls. You can check the OS Services (former USA distributor) website to see if he has any on close-out at your price point.

I've used both with the Cary 300B monos and liked each speaker in its own way

Good Luck,

Here is a list from Wavelength Audio of High efficiency Speakers.

Richard Bischoff
Omega speakers:
Silverline Audio Sonata MK3 great speaker with SET. Had a pair for about 2 yrs driven with 10 watts Wavelength Cardianl X-1.

You've gotten some good suggestions so far. You can also do a search on Lowther, Fostex, Hemp, Jordan and Audio Nirvana to find speakers using these single full-range drivers.


I don't think you are going to be happy with 5 watts with speaker below 99 db efficiency unless you keep the volume down low or it is a very small room. I have a Reimyo PAT777 300B SET. Its 8 watts are not enough with my 93 db Acapellas. It was unbelievable on my 103 db Beauhorns. I also enjoy 1.56 watt 45 SET on them.
No crossover, Single driver, full range, under 3 g's? Simple enough, Zu Druid.. used for even 2 g's a pair.
You may want to look into the Tyler Acoustics Pro Dynamics line. These are not single driver, but the Eminence drivers used in them are super-high efficiency (about 101-102dbs). The mid-line PD-20s reach about 42hz on the low end (20K on top) and go for about $2800 new. You might be able to buy their larger bretheren used to get lower bass extension if needed, but the line is still relativel new so there are not many (or possibly any) available used.

I also recommend the Audio Notes already mentioned. Very good bass extension, especially if you are placing them at or near a corner...

I'll second the Zu Druids although technically they are a 2-way.

Checkout the Lowther America site too. They also have a budget line of drivers that look pretty cool:
Boston Acoustics VR3 I believe is 93dB. You might want to check out the Welborne site for his list of efficient speakers that can be driven by SET amps:
no offense, but with a 'night light' for an amp, go with something like a klipsch heresy. at least they can fake real power. if you like rock music however, don't build a system around an set amp. in fact, don't build a system around any amp.
check out the Wellborne Labs site - he maintains a list of SET friendly speakers
Living Voice
Opera Audio M-15
Proac D100 Hehehe
Darkmoebius...thanks for the great sites in your post.

Everyone else....thanks for your suggestions. I have a lot to investigate.