Need input on building a new HT/music system

Very difficuld to audition speaker in this town.
The only speakers I've heard so far are the Totem Forests which sounded very nice but altough they go low needs a sub which is fine by me considering that I just bought a JL f113 subwoofer yesterday I'm getting rid of my wonderful little Paradigm ref seismic110, I dont often change my components so I like to make an impact when I do, I'm looking to spend 2,500 or a little more for used floor standers I want to stay with a medium size speaker 34-40" high and does'nt weigh a ton.
A few days ago I posted on the speaker forum looking for speaker comparisons but today I found two more speaker brands that might work for me, I wanted to know what the HT forum had to say because that is what I'm putting together for now, I will also need center and surrounds.
In this size and price category I looked up these well reviewed speakers but I dont have a clue as to how they sound compared to the Totem Forest, hoping one of you has. Joseph audio RM22XL, Epos M22i, instead of Totem?
Next I'm ordering an Arcam avr600 I'm sure about that. The speakers are tough to nail down.
Thank you
You might want to re-think the Arcam. They have a very poor reliability history.

As for speakers, you really have to listen for yourself. While all your choices are competent products, they will differ in tonal balance etc., so you need to pick one you like. No point asking others, since the electronics they are hooked up to will also make a difference (as will cables, rooms etc). All you will get is response from current owners of individual products.

My experience with HT speakers is finding a centre channel that works in my room. That's the really hard part. Then it's fairly easy to find the matching L/R mains. Totem have a few decent centre channels, how about RM and Epos? No point finding a nice set of mains you can't match (visually and sonically) with a centre.
This is the first I hear about Arcam not being reliable, I've read that it had software issues and that most were resolved that being said there alot of isues with most electronics, does this mean we should forget about it?
Why should'nt I ask others about what they like? on the contrairy I do want to know what speakers they use, like and how they compare them to the speakers that I mentionned.
Thanks anyway

I guess my Arcam Av-8 doesn't count,shes been operating for 6 yrs.(not one problem)same with my Arcam 139 dvd(almost 5yr).
As I have owned Arcam,I think I know if they are not reliable.

Speaker wise I still have my Revel 50a's so I can't help you there.I do like them but upgraditis sets in.

Jl subs I like so much I aquired 4XF-113's.
Nice equipment, thanks its reassuring to know that the Arcam brand is reliable, I've heard nice things about the Revels. Can't wait for my jl f113 to get here next week.
Thank you for sharing
OP, "This is the first I hear about Arcam not being reliable, I've read that it had software issues and that most were resolved that being said there alot of isues with most electronics, does this mean we should forget about it?"

At the very least you should do more research. Undoubtedly, Arcam produces some fine sounding gear but I also read of hardware overheating or a board failure issue with that model. Aside from that I'd recommend a more contemporary component with the latest usable features such a HDMI and room correction.
OK I've done more research and you're right about the problems with Arcam avr600, I've heard the same over and over. I saw an ad for a Nad T785 or T775 on A-gon, also there's Anthem avr MRX700 with ARC room correction as you've suggested, the Nads are outfitted with improved audio and video modules and are ready to go so the ad says. but not familiar with any of these Avr's.
I'm just looking for better sound than other receivers I've had.
This is for a Home Theater set up.
Thank you
Tesseract, Never heard the Anthem, NAD or the speakers your interested in. I did an in store audition of the Arcam 600 with my Triangle Cometes some time ago. Aside from the receivers issues it did have a more refined sound than the other receivers I auditioned that day. I would assume Arcams later model would have modern features, equal to or better sound quality, and reliability.
Vicdamone. I bought the Arcam avr400 I liked the way it sounded, should be getting it next week.
Thank you for the reply and advice.
Tesseract86, As someone above mentioned, the ARCAM AVR's can get fairly warm. You might want to ensure that ur AVR can handle ur choice in speakers. If u are considering previously owned speakers, you might want to look at Dynaudio speakers. They can handle lots of power and they never, never sound fatigued. Just a thought. How large is ur room? I would also consider what u want the end results to be. Good Luck. FYI: The older ARCAM was made in the U.K.
The new ARCAM is made in China. Just a side note
Sparks81, I'm looking for fairly sensitive speakers,
My room is about 20X20 ceilings about 12 feet and slanting higher in open floor plan.
I just bought a jl Audio f113 and an Arcam avr400 still waiting for it.
I'm now using b&w 602 and center htm2, not very happy with sound. I like 5.1.

Which Dynaudio do you recommend? at first I looked at floor spekers and now want to stay with bookshelf speakers.
Although my room is bright dont want speakers to go too low because I use sub want to avoid muddy sound.
Thank you
Tesseract86, Are the bookshelf speakers going to be stand mounted, or put onto an actuall shelf? Placement is somewhat critical...more on that later if u'd like. I'd start off by looking at the Focus series...Forcus 140 (bookshelf). However,considering the sub that u've purchased, I might consider the Focus 220II flstanding, or the Contour S3.4. It will be the same footprint as a stand mounted bookshelf speaker and render a more robust and refined sound. Don't worry about a "muddy base sound." You can address this with proper placement. Note: The only thing u have to be concerned with is wheather or not ur AVR has enough juice to drive the towers. Obviously, ur AVR400 will drive them. The question is whether the AVR400 will allow u to realize the full potention of the speakers' performance...something to consider. If u really enjoy music, this recommendation should satisfy u to no end...given a well conceived source component (Blu-ray/CD Player). I've owned the Contour S3.4's in a previous system. I now use the Dynaudio Confidence C2's for my front channel in my HT system. Like u, I tend to hold on to components for a long time.
Yes the bookshelf speakers will be mounted on stands, I looked at your suggested Dynaudio very nice specs.
When I auditioned the Arcam400 it was driving a pair of Totem Forest and sounded very much in command (powerful) I was looking at those.
Aestheticaly I like the bookshelfs the Totem signature model ones dissapeared with the Arcam really nice I could'nt tell which speakers were playing, the dealer told me that it was the Arcam causing them to vanish ???
Never heard the Merlin tsm mme's but I see alot of good things about it, tempted. I use an Opo bdp83 btw.