Need help from Audio Alchemy DDE 3.0 Owners

I have owned numerous DDE 3.0s in the past, but eventually moved on to one box players. I just picked up another DDE 3.0 to use in a second system. I did get an owner's manual, but it is missing the diagram that shows the RMS output levels for the jumpers at the rear of the chassis. I desparately need this information. Could someone PLEASE let me know what the output values are for each of the 4 jumper settings?
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I have the DDE 3.0 instruction sheets, will be glade to copy and send to you. Just email me your mailing address .

Hope this can get you started

NO/JUMPERS / 3.60 volts rms 0db
J6/J7 position 1 / 1.14 volts rms -10db
J6/J7 position 2 / 360 MILIVOLTS rms -20db
J6/J7 position 3 / 110 MILIVOLTS rms -30db
J6/J7 position 4 / 40 MILIVOLTS rms -40db

Instruction say to start at position 2 (360 milivolts) and if you need more gain move jumper to position 1 (1.14volts)

Thanks Dave! Am I correct to assume that position 1 is the rear pair?
Also, I have posted the full schematics at AudioAsylum.
One other question. This unit is equipped with the remote control chip. If I remember correctly, doesn't this negate the 6db attenuation for non HDCD discs?